its really fucking frustrating to know some people who shouldnt mean a fucking thing are still in your life, and im not

i just cant understand what happened.

i know we arent supposed to be together and im better off with caio, and you seem a lot better looking from afar the way i can, but why do you have to get me out of your life for good? i didnt do anything wrong. its crazy.


what should i name my puppy??? its a girl


I cant sleep and my boyfriend is snoring next to me in his bed. Ive been reading for the last four hours to try and get sleepy. I cant read another page and im still wide awake.


Eu descobri que não vale a pena lembrar dos momentos felizes quando parece que somente eu os vivenciei. Eu queria poder te apagar da minha vida como você me apagou da sua.






I was so sleep deprived the other day that I tried to zoom in on a paper

wtf I just made that post

oh wait that is my post

I havent slept in 2 days

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i think this time i actually need therapy

i still like my ex and miss him, BUT i dont want to get back together, i know we wouldnt work out, i just want us to be friends BUT im still kinda jealous

i have a new boyfriend now and he likes me and treats me well BUT i want to be alone right now

BUT im interested in another boy, he’s cute, interesting and knows i have a boyfriend (AND is nice enough to not to do anything)

BUT i’m kinda interested in girls too


i dont know what to do




why would you bake a guinea pig into a muffin you monster?!?

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He takes a lot of pleasure in this.

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Holy shit they just kept getting more intense/real

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Serene VS Sonorous Beauty Photo-shoot 

I loved getting creative with this new beauty photo-shoot. It was a chance for me to do something I haven’t done before with my creative direction and design and make my first ever haute couture head piece inspired by the remarkable couture headpiece designer katsuya kamo.

The start of the look is where she appears Serene- beautifully calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil. Focusing mainly on the high hair and keeping the make-up pale and simple with a few flashes of highlights on the cheekbones and the centre of the lips. The look then moves onto her being Sonorous- where she becomes very impressive, prenticious, and overblown with the main focus on the head piece where I had the chance to emphasise its brilliance and startling details. This way I could minimise the make-up look with no attention-grabbing complexity. Simply focusing on the bold lip tones and stunning white and black head pieces.
Which is your favourite look from my new beauty series? I can’t wait to demonstrate this look at IMATS,London with Temptu on Sunday 29th June 2014.  
The Team:
Art Direction, Make-up, Head Piece, Nails: Karla Powell
Photographer & Retoucher: High Def Retouching, Diamond Retouch
Model: Francesca Turner
Hair: Seaane Chin-Hoyte
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so, i have a new boyfriend. His name is Caio and he’s calling me right now.

Anyway, i really really like him, we met in a time of my life where i was really down and he made me feel better so im really grateful. I say i love him but im not really sure. But it feels right saying it. He also says he loves me, but i can tell it’s true. He introduced me to his friends, he likes saying im his girlfriend, his girl. He is really, really nice, he makes me feel pretty and nice. We’ve been going out for three months or so.


I was in a relationship for one year and a half, we broke up out of nowhere (i kind of get it now) and i was really sad about it for a long time. I feel like i just got over it, it’s like i was stuck in that relationship until not long ago. It’s like i just got single and im in a relationship again, so as much as i love caio, i dont want a relationship right now.

but i dont want to brake his heart.

but i dont want this right now and i think it’ll only get worse, so his heart will be even more broken?


my plan is to talk to him and ask for a time off to think, a break for a while, a time for myself, but i dont know if he’ll put up to that


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Oooops! Do you know what your kids are reading?
Inappropriate Books For Kids That Actually Exist

Omfg laughed so hard

What the fuck?!

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